Bi-Angle Chemical

Bi-Angle is a pigment dispersion company and toll manufacturing company. We specialize in dispersing pigments into a vehicle of a customer’s choice. We disperse and grind pigments into plasticizers and polyether or polyester urethanes. We do custom color formulas for a variety of industries.

Bi-Angle Chemical manufactures several lines of standard, high-performance, organic and inorganic liquid pigment dispersions for PVC. Our Pigment Dispersions are designed for compatibility, consistent strength and shade specifications for masstone and tint. Our dispersions are typically used for maintenance and protective coatings, printing inks and plastics.

With several decades of formulation experience in our laboratory, Bi-Angle’s chemists can create something unique, toll disperse pigments using your formulas under a confidentiality agreement, or blend chemicals to your specifications.

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